With our 50 year milestone celebration this year, we decided to go both big and home! We joined forces with the 2019 Cape Town Big Walk as a presenting sponsor–bringing our beloved refreshing flavour to the biggest walking event in our city.

The event’s exceptional success over the past 19 years partnered with its spirit for embracing community made this a natural decision as it aligns with our brand’s very own fundamental values. We’ve always believed in bringing our local communities together with fun and flavour. What better way to do this than on a 5 km journey? Ready, set #WalkWithDoubleO

On the day we cheered the crowds as thousands of people walked fiercely pass the halfway mark and grabbed refreshing Double “O” soft-drinks to quench their thirst. We encouraged, assisted and hyped up all Cape Town Big Walkers-including those who went the extra effort to dress up in fun and extravagant outfits for the day.

Our presence was found at not only the start and finishing line but midway through the journey where attendees needed it most. This year’s Cape Town Big Walk was truly a magical event as thousands walked with double the flavour and double the fun!