Introducing the latest member to our flavour family – Cola!

Indulge in the invigorating and refreshing taste of our new Cola! Available at selected stores.

Cheers to a New Cola Era !

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Welcome to Double “O”

The Double “O” essence is made up of more than just our best ingredients and family secret. It’s our rich history founded in the heart of Cape Town and our family’s commitment to bringing you the soft drink that always refreshes!

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Our Story

At the heart of the Double “O” family is dedication. Since our establishment in 1934, we have worked consistently to bring South Africa a soft- drink that suits both taste and pockets.

Our story goes all the way back to District Six, before the area’s relocation policy, where we first distributed our unique products in the legendary glass bottles and wooden crates. Since then, we’ve grown into a household favourite brand, continuing to bottle our family’s secret to produce the soft- drink taste South Africans love.

Our Flavours

The Double “O” flavour is a truly South African brand that gives you quality soft- drinks filled with refreshing taste. From Pineapple to Passion Fruit and Lemonade… to Cream Soda and Cocopina; our variety offers all soft- drink lovers plenty to choose from.

News & Community

Here at Double “O”, we’re all about family and community. We’ve come a long way since our establishment in 1934. District Six is where we started out, selling our soft- drinks in popular glass bottles and wooden crates. 1971 marked the beginning of our expansion when we bought the Coo- ee plant in Lansdowne. Where we’ve grown, our communities have grown with us, and we would like to make sure we give back through our community involvement and events.

Keep updated with our latest community events and see how Double “O” brings families and friends together with flavour and fun.