Where there are women, there is sure to be strength, beauty and love. In honour and celebration of Women’s Month this August, Double “O” decided to empower and encourage local women by sponsoring a women-focused outreach programme.

We got in touch with an amazing charity organisation close to our home, Good Hope Foundation, and decided to partner with them on a brunch event themed “Say YES to Love and NO to Abuse.” The agenda for the day was to educate, empower and spread love to local women who have experienced many challenges along the journey of life. Motivating speeches from the other partnering organisations-Athlone SAPS and Saartjie Baartman Centre-told us stories of how to persevere through the storms of life and be encouraged by self-love and the identity of womanhood.

Attendees were talked through some of the organisations, programmes and facilities available to assist them in various cases that required further action such as abuse, mental illnesses, disabilities or substance abuse. The idea that ‘knowledge is power’ was highlighted as many women who go through these kinds of situations often are not aware of the help available to them. After the talks, a pleasant brunch was prepared with delicious finger-foods for attendees to enjoy while networking and conversing.

On the day we offered tasty soft-drinks to refresh all the ladies (and few gentlemen), took many gorgeous pictures and stood in awe of the remarkable women who epitomised strength, beauty and love. We’re so thankful to have been a part of such a significant programme that truly impacted and inspired the lives of many women who left with not only a smile, but blessed hearts too.