In 2017, Double “O” took its first and biggest step toward a greener future.  After months of planning and discussion, we decided to implement the solar panel initiative across the Lansdowne Bottling Company production. The project saw a total of 828 solar panels covering over 1 656 m2 of roof space; a game-changer for both the brand and Cape Town’s energy security.

“Going green has always been in our vision and I am happy that we have completed phase 1,” said Managing Director. We’re committed to building a legacy that not only makes local soft-drink lovers happy, but also positively contributes toward our environment. This decision placed Double “O” as a leader in demonstrating the significant benefits businesses can enjoy by incorporating green forms of energy into their production line. After visiting the Double “O” factory site, Alan Winde—current Western Cape Provincial Minister of Community Safety—witnessed first-hand how valuable the green energy initiative was proving to be for the beloved soft-drink brand.

Now, many other businesses can draw inspiration from our decision to invest in green energy and get on board making planet positive decisions.

Over 2 years later, the rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system continues to save us hundreds of thousands on electricity while simultaneously empowering Double “O” to decrease its carbon footprint—making a positive impact on our environment. It’s definitely one of the best investments we’ve made and a decision we’re proud of. As we continue building our brand’s legacy, we’ll persevere in taking more steps toward a greener future for us all.