It’s no secret that football (or as some would call it, soccer) is one of the world’s most loved sports—especially by our youth. Many youngsters look up to, and, aspire to be just like iconic players such as Ronaldo or Messi.

The truth, however, is that we don’t have to look towards television to see gifted players. In fact, we can personally see this on our local fields across the city; where every team has its own football star in the making. Double “O” was able to experience this first-hand as we partnered with a local Football Club and witnessed the passion, skill and determination of junior soccer teams play it out on the field. As a brand, we’ve always believed in the importance of teaching children through sport; especially within our local communities where soccer has created many positive experiences for all.

When the opportunity arose to sponsor Lansdowne FC Mini Soccer Tournament, Double “O” simply could not refuse. On the day we served our soft-drinks to all who needed it—including match officials and player. We kept every player energised and refreshed throughout the day’s events, making sure they were at their prime for every game. We also sponsored the prizes for the top teams and winners. The prize-giving was exceptional as we watched the little ones’ faces light up with joy and excitement; making the tournament event even more memorable.