What do you get when you mix bikes, flat tracks and the flavoursome taste of Double “O” soft-drinks? The answer is simple—a guaranteed action-packed and fun-filled ride!

About 2 years ago we sponsored the ‘first of its kind,’ South African concrete flat track event and witnessed some exhilarating yet magical moments to the likings of 007 himself.  In the quiet area of Ottery, on the 16th of September 2017, dust blew vigorously as a few daring bikers bolted across the indoor tracks to prove themselves worthy of being dubbed ‘heroes.’

The taste of our refreshing flavours was the fuel that kept everyone going—including the bikers themselves, who became more energised by the inspiration of the Double “O” brand. The Hard Shake event—presented by Greasers Garage—was like a scene from the James Bond films. With live music in the background accompanied by the sound of speeding bikers doing their best laps while showing off their incredible skills, it was a performance worthy of an accolade.