For the past few years, Double “O” has been a proud exhibitor at the annual Ramadaan Expo. From an array of delicious food to the celebration of our city’s beautiful cultures–the occasion is undeniably one of the most striking local events.

With a focus on community development and reconciliation as well as intercultural and youth development, the Spice Mecca Ramadaan for All Exhibition is more than just an expo. It’s an event that embraces and empowers the diversity of Cape Town’s religious cultures through the celebration of freedom and common humanity.

This year we had Shamilah Abas from ‘The Cook Easy Lifestyle Show’ join us to showcase her charming recipes and stunning new cookbook. Double “O” was amongst many other traders and exhibitors at the event–all displaying the beauty of diversity within the uniqueness of their food, drinks and merchandise. Our team spent the day serving our refreshing soft-drinks and engaging with the people; enjoying every moment of the weekend as we shared it with family, friends and community.